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Originally developed for the oil and gas industry, Flow-Tech's proprietary and omnipresent chemical-free water treatment technology provides a unique and effective solution to dozens of commercial and industrial applications.


For years, chamber systems were known to be the industry standard in chemical-free water treatment. We knew this concept was flawed as the water is only treated as it flows through the system. That's why Flow-Tech built their own rat trap – designed to treat all of a facility's water, regardless of flow, and to treat it more efficiently.​


Implementing Flow-Tech into a water system is equivalent to lining the entire piping network with chamber systems. In fact, the power transferred to the water from one Flow-Tech unit is equal to more than 70 "industry standard" chamber systems plumbed in parallel, while consuming 1/6,054 of the power.​

Today, Fortune 500 companies, power plants, hospitals, and tens of thousands of homeowners rely on Flow-Tech for their water treatment needs.

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When applied to an irrigation system, Flow-Tech  effectively works as an electronic surfactant.


Initially utilized for scale control in apple orchards irrigated with hard water, growers began realizing additional benefits in fields irrigated with Flow-Tech treated water. Armed with dozens of subsequent detailed field studies showing recurring improvements in percolation and mineral uptake in the crop, the team at Flow-Tech worked with universities (including Oregon State University) and third parties to study and validate these effects and others.

Today, growers utilize Flow-Tech to improve the efficiency of their irrigation water, increase penetration and plant available water, reduce leaching and runoff, and contribute to an overall healthier and larger yield.

Flow-Tech Grow's water treatment technology has been studied by Industry and University researchers in labs and in the field growing:

  • Tree Fruit and Berries under drip 

  • Russet Potatoes, Corn, Alfalfa in pivots

  • Onions in drip tape

  • Apples under overhead cooling system

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