Flow-Tech Grow

Radio Frequency (RF) Energized Water,

as in Home and Industrial Water-Pipes,

Prevents Scale

on Fruit & Emitters

in 2022 WaterPoint reached 5,600 acres of Treated irrigation with Flow-Tech Grow signal generators



Scale Washes Away

Allan Brothers Fruit

Since 2017, WaterPoint has installed and maintained Flow-Tech Grow systems, throughout the Pacific NW, to prevent scale formation on apples cooled with hardwater. Listen to Travis Allan, Director of Tree Fruits, speak to his experience with WaterPoint and Flow-Tech Grow.

Evans Fruit Co.

Listen to Julie Evans of Evans Fruit Company speak on her experience with WaterPoint and Flow-Tech Grow. Since 2017, Evans Fruit Co. has implemented Flow-Tech's chemical-free water treatment technology to control scale on apples.

Electronic Water-Treatment Replaces

Sulfuric Acid

Chlorine Dioxide

Hawkeye Sulfuric Tank 

Last Filled 2018

CV Sulfuric Tank

Last Filled 2016

CRO Sulfur Burner

Last Used Spring 2021

Cascade Berries CH20 

Last Filled Spring 2020

Unit 64 Sulfuric Acid 

Last Filled 2017

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